The Team From Velveteen Rabbit Tells Us Where To Drink In Las Vegas

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A Gin Sour by Alex Penalosa at Corduroy. Tanq10, cynar, orange slice, grenadine, lemon. If I’m being honest, I don’t drink a lot of cocktails when I go out, but on the rare occasion I do it’s gotta be from a bartender who also spends days bludgeoning their palate with flavors from all over the spectrum, because that’s the only kind of person who’s going to know how to balance all those elements. Alex Penalosa, Corduroy’s raven haired Rapunzel, is exactly that kind of bartender. Leaning Tanqurey10 and Cynar against house made grenadine and lemon, Alex didn’t reinvent the wheel for me (because none of us actually want to wrap our palate around something like that). What he did was perfectly showcase all the best elements of the ingredients without making them so pronounced that I had to think too much about them.